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Perham, MN

The most cost effective type of advertising is on your vehicle, trailer or equipment.  Your audience is ever changing as you go from job to job giving your brand the recognition it deserves!

We have used JH Signs & Designs for many different projects in our businesses.  Justin always works to understand what results we are looking for and then puts together a solution.  We work with JH Signs & Designs because their works is fast and effective.


You might get a laugh out of this one:

Someone once told me that you have three options: good, fast and cheap. If you want it fast and cheap, it's not good.  "My experience with JH Signs & Designs is that it is always good, fast and cheap (cost effective.)"


-Nicholas Nyhus

 Nyhus Family Sales

From a basic logo to large graphics, let us help you stand out!

Get the most from your advertising


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